Kate & Michael Kilkee Cliffs

Capturing the love story of Kate and Michael was an absolute delight, not only because of their radiating joy but also the unexpected twists that made their wedding day truly memorable.


Before their wedding, the couple had a pre-wedding photoshoot in the stunning Kilkee Cliffs, Co. Clare. It held a special place in their hearts as they frequently spent precious moments there, making it an important element of their love story. The incredible scenery provided a backdrop for their pre-wedding photos, resulting in memories that will last a lifetime.


Oh, and let's not forget the VIP guest at the photoshoot – their dog! Now, the furry friend couldn't make it to the wedding, so having him in the pre-wedding photo shoot was non-negotiable. They were creating memories for a lifetime, and that furry ball of joy was a crucial part of it.


Despite Kate having a broken foot on the big day, you wouldn't have guessed it for a moment. Her energy and bright smile remained unaffected, turning what could have been a setback into just a minor footnote in their wedding tale.


The journey to this beautiful day started with thorough planning, setting the stage 1.5 years in advance. However, life had a different plan. The original venue, scheduled for October, had to cancel. Undeterred, they embarked on a new challenge and found themselves at the charming Armada Hotel in Spanish Point, Co. Clare, for a magical celebration on the 15th of December 2022.


The Armada Hotel, perched on the edge of the cliffs, provided a fantastic background. The crashing waves and endless seas framed every shot, making it a photographer's dream. The Atlantic views, rugged cliffs, and the expansive beachfront location added an enchanting touch to the entire affair.


What could have been a challenge turned into a blessing? The ceremony took place against the backdrop of a perfect sunset, casting a warm, golden glow on the couple. Kate, with her broken foot, moved gracefully through the day, enjoying every moment with Michael.


The Armada Hotel, with its luxurious and contemporary ambiance, not only hosted a wedding but also became an integral part of their love story. The landscape, with its awe-inspiring views, became an extension of the couple's joy, making every snapshot a piece of art.


As a photographer, being part of this journey was pure magic. The unexpected venue change and Kate's broken foot? Just extra plot twists in their epic tale of love, resilience, and the kind of moments that make weddings truly unforgettable. Here's to Kate and Michael – may your love story keep surprising and inspiring us all!