The large team of experienced professionals from "Jacob Studio" offers you an individual and creative approach. Our primary purpose is to capture and immortalize the moments of the most important day in your life, memories are those that last over time.
The event will be consumed during one evening, not staying forever. But the photos and video of the event are the only testimonies that will remain alive even over the years.

It is very difficult to describe yourself when you can express yourself fully about the beloved profession. The profession we have chosen is not just a service, it is not just a financial opportunity but an art that we can bring joy to people, memorizing the most important events in their lives. We have an individual approach to finding everything that is specific to and important to the customer, to highlight the unique character that the pair pays. We are ready for ideas and projects, analyzing the trends of time and new technologies to develop a product of the highest quality . The most important thing about us is the love for the given profession, and the most beautiful thing is when over time our clients thank us again when they look at the moments we have memorized!